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Beyond a Website

Ethan Leonard
Categories: Website Development
Aug 4, 2023

Picture it: you key in a search on Google and BAM! a list of websites appears in front of you. This has become a commonplace, and today, it's rare to find a business - be it a startup, a medium enterprise, or a corporate giant - without an online presence. What many businesses fail to realize is that just having any website is not enough.

It's not enough to just exist online anymore. What makes Waldheim Digital special, and what Businesses require these days is a strategy. The true essence of a website lies in the strategy underpinning it - a strategy that aligns seamlessly with the brand it represents.

We take a holistic approach to marketing. We begin by diving into your business' core identity and understanding your audience. We then come back with a strategy that is custom fit to your needs and customers. Your brand needs to echo through each pixel of your digital presence.

From there we craft a website, line by line, to ensure it is capable, flexible, and stunning. We take SEO best practices and ensure that your site follows suit. This means conducting key word research, properly integrating meta tags, and following a clean site structure all without ever losing sight of the final customer.

While website builders such as Wordpress offer a decent starting point for novice sites, they often stumble when it comes to scaling. These platforms can become unwieldy, lacking the flexibility and agility loved and rewarded by search engines.

They can also face more maintenance and other unforeseen security issues since it is so broadly used and available. Over the years we have seen that websites built by hand are truly the way to go and can be completed just as fast as any visual CMS (content management system).

At Waldheim Digital, we blend strategy, design, and technology to construct more than just a website – we create an engaging digital experience. Whether you're launching a new brand or looking to elevate an existing one, we're here to ensure that your online presence not only matches, but surpasses your brand's potential.