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Marketing for Small Business - The Long Game

Ethan Leonard
Categories: Small Business Marketing
Sep 7, 2023

The Big Question

The biggest question a Small Business Owner has about marketing is: How will this help me in the long run? And more often then not, especially in today's digital age, we are very short-term decision makers. If we don't get our results right away then we're ready to give up immediately.

Marketing however, is a not so instant process. Instead it is a very iterative, and methodical endeavor. For a real example, I spent about two months monitoring, adjusting, and researching SEO for this very website. In fact I am still constantly monitoring and adjusting to try and rank for new keywords that can lead to growth in the long run.

If you were to consult with me, I would at a minimum give you a 1-year marketing strategy, why? Because it can and should take at least one full year to feel the true results of any marketing efforts. Yes Ad-Campaigns & other PPC services can offer leads now, but what about after they become a customer? What about the client communication strategies? Marketing for Small Businesses can be a tall task when you aren't sure which road to take. I pride my business on being able to help small business owners gain clarity and confidence for the future of their business.

To give even more concrete evidence, I'll give you insight into more of what I am doing for Waldheim Digital. I am publishing weekly content as a blog (that provides actual value!), cross-posting to LinkedIn, optimizing my local SEO, doing competitive analysis & research, as well as doing friendly outreach. All of this over time compounds and results in a sort of snowball effect where at first you aren't seeing much, then gradually it begins to pick up until you have found some form of success. It is important that I note two things:

  • Constantly adjust your marketing tactics to match what you are seeing in your reports & data
  • Make sure you have a marketing plan that you can follow and use as your guide lines, this becomes more important the further down the road you get!

What should my Marketing Plan Cover?

Your marketing plan should provide guidelines, goals, and information on:

  • Target Market
  • Product
  • Competition
  • Strategies
  • Tactics
  • Budget

With all of that being said, I am always available to answer any questions you may have as a business owner, future owner, or just a normal person! Small business doesn't have to be scary, it should be fun!